Rustic Rabbitry

Quality Polish rabbits in the U.P. of Michigan

Last Updated: Feb. 15, 2013- Whole site updated

Hi, my name is Tiffany McCord and I raise Polish rabbits in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.  Rustic Rabbitry is devoted to breeding and showing Polish at the National level in Blacks, Blues, Brokens, and Chocolates.  I have been raising rabbits since 2000, I raised Satins up until 2005 when I switched my focus to Polish. I am currently an Open member of the ARBA, MSRBA, APRC, and HPRC.     

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Rustic Rabbitry wins BOS at 2012 Polish Nationals!

G.C. Rustic's Forego
     - BOS/BOSV 2012 Polish Nationals
     - BOV Broken 2011 ARBA National Convention
     - BOSV 2011 Polish Nationals Specialty

~With G.C. Rustic's Forego~

Rustic Rabbitry's Convention wins!

Rustic's Forego- BOV Broken

Rustic's Sophi- BOSV Broken

Rustic's Damascus- 2/31 Black Jr. Bucks

Rustic's Spitfire- 4/31 Black Jr. Bucks

Rustic's Zaira- 2/23 Chocolate Jr. Does

Rustic's Lost in the Fog- 6th/25 Blue Jr. Bucks

Rustic's Celeste- 8th/34 Broken Sr. Does


Irate Pirate's Daughter (RCY) wins Best 4-Class MI State 4-H show

G.C. Rustic's Cheyenne - Over 1,000 rabbits entered in the youth show that day

BOB 2010 A.R.B.A. National Convention!!

G.C. Ellyn's Irate Pirate

2010 ARBA Convention Results

BOB/BOV Black- Ellyn's Irate Pirate

Rustic's Zena- 5th Black Jr. Doe

Rustic's Zenyatta- 1st Broken Sr. Doe

Rustic's Forego- 4th Broken Sr. Buck

Rustic's Last Detail- 2nd Choc. Jr. Doe

Rustic's Natural Iron- 5th Blue Jr. Buck

Congrats to Drew Bliss on his BOS with a beautiful Broken Jr. Doe!!